Rural cottage in Tobera a neighbourhood in the city of Frias

Recently reacconditioned to receive visitors, this old farmhouse, has given birth to two rural cottages on the same building: one on a single room rental basis and the other on a full house rental basis.

Both 'Poza de la Torca 1' and 'Poza de la Torca 2' have 4 double rooms with bathroom on every room. The houses have a welcoming terrace and dining room and living room with fireplace. Both houses have been adapted for the access of physically handicapped people.

Poza de la Torca is located on the neighbourhood of Tobera belonging to the city of Frías which is on the so called Merindades county, which is the biggest green space of the province of Burgos. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes of infinite beauty, it's located under cover of the narrowness of a gorge, a bridge that was part of a Roman road and the gothic chapels of Santo Cristo and Santa Maria de la Hoz. Its location in a privileged environment is to admire, discover and enjoy mainly by the peace and tranquility that can be seen everywhere, along with the pleasant sound of the Molinar river, which runs winding through the middle of town to the beautiful town of Frías covering the shore of fruits and vegetable gardens cultivated with care.

A place of unforgettable landscapes, living nature, rivers, waterfalls, gorges, beautiful valleys, caves, large fields, canyons and a rich and extensive cultural and artistic heritage with castles, Romanesque churches, medieval towers, chapels, ... all this and much more you can enjoy from our house.

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